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Organization Mapping & Design

OCInsights streamlines the organization structures of your competitors at both headquarter and region levels. We track their changes to help you understand how they build and distribute their talent systems and organizations.

Based on the comprehensive data and best practices of the industry, OCInsights can partner with you in a variety of ways through our your organization design journey

The Organization Design Process


Articulate required business outcomes


Analyze current state


Collect best practices and lessons


Develop future state options


Determine future state


Measure and change process

Talent Intelligence

We track the headcounts, openings, new hires, retentions, turnovers, and many other metrics of high-tech companies. Our TALENT COMPETITIVENESS model allows you to identify the pros and cons of your team compared with competitors

Our advantages

Accurate and Comprehensive Talent Intelligence

OCInsights brings external data to inform your organization design, HR system design and talent management.

Rich Consulting Experience in US Tech Industry

We have dozens of successful cases in the past 2 years.

Most Practical Suggestions and Solutions

Deeply rooted in the US tech industry, OCInsights establishes a strong link between business strategy and organization design based on the best practices of Chinese Companies in the U.S.

Case Study

Help A Client to Benchmark, Re-design and Hire


Our client, a global engineering conglomerate, is seeking to benchmark, re-design its human resources function and expand. Our client is also looking to understand best HR practices in a comparable setting as a potential guide to its own redesign and growth

R&D Center Planning


The client leverages OCInsights dashboard to plan and then execute on effective HR and growth strategies:

  • Org Charts provide the client with insight into how similar firms are structured
  • Recruitment Tools efficiently and effectively fill essential R&D management and engineering positions
  • News and Rumors keep the client up to date on challenges and opportunities in their industry

Upon request OCInsights facilitates consultations over a 1-week period with our advisors who have experience in HR policy origination and implementation:

  • Former Heads of Human Resources and Heads of Talent at three similar organizations
  • CIOs and technical architects with deep HR process and software knowledge
  • HR industry experts providing insight into industry trends and latest thinking


Industry Best Practice: Our client quickly and efficiently acquires new talent to fill needed positions and gains a thorough understanding of current best practices in HR and management in the context of a global, multi-segment engineering conglomerate and takes this into consideration as it scopes out its own organizational redesign and growth.

At OCInsights we have a mantra that we want to help you grow your business from within. Our advanced software systems put the best candidates at your fingertips, allowing you to find the right hire the first time by being able to look at their background, skills, and contact information within seconds. Whether you are the founder trying to expand your startup or you have a dedicated staff, OCInsights can help provide you with everything to meet your company hiring needs.

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