Amazon Web Services-Sr. Principal Machine Learning Scientist

San Diego, CA, United States

About the job:

The Economic Technology organization builds Machine Learning and Reinforcement Learning systems to optimize processes across all of Amazon. We are working on some of the hardest science problems in Amazon and implementing our solutions at scale. This is a unique, high visibility opportunity for someone who wants to have business impact, dive deep into large-scale ML, RL, and economic problems, enable measurable actions on the Consumer economy, and work closely with scientists, economists, and engineers.

As a Principal Scientist in Econ Tech, you will work with business leaders, scientists, and economists to translate business and functional requirements into concrete deliverables, including design, development, and testing. You will look around corners to help us avoid common failure modes, and provide thought leadership to navigate high risk high reward projects. You will be a guide to junior scientists and a partner to engineers as we build efficient scalable systems. You will invent awesome things and push them to product.

As a Principal Scientist, you are a trusted part of the technical leadership. You bring business and industry context to science and technology decisions. You set the standard for scientific excellence and make decisions that affect the way we build and integrate algorithms. You solicit differing views and are willing to change your mind as you learn more. Your artifacts are exemplary and often used as reference across organization.

You are a hands-on scientific leader. Your solutions are exemplary in terms of algorithm design, clarity, model structure, efficiency, and extensibility. You tackle intrinsically hard problems, acquiring expertise as needed. You decompose complex problems into straightforward solutions. You are able to propose bold ideas, test these ideas in experiments, and excel at integrating experimental learnings into the end product.

You amplify your impact by leading scientific reviews within your organization or at your location. You scrutinize and review experimental design, modelling, data collection and other research procedures. You probe assumptions, illuminate pitfalls, and foster shared understanding. You align teams toward coherent strategies. You educate, keeping the scientific community up to date on advanced techniques, state of the art approaches, the latest technologies, and trends. You help managers guide the career growth of other scientists by mentoring and play a significant role in hiring and developing scientists and leads.



• 10+ years of combined academic and research experience
• Strong publication record in top-tier journals and conferences.
• PhD in Machine Learning, Computer Science, Physics, Statistics, Applied Math or related field
• Excellent communication, writing and presentation skills
• Experience in designing analytic and/or algorithmic solutions to business or operational problems
• Experience developing in Spark or related Big Data systems


• Proven record of pluri-disciplinary research is a plus.
• Experience developing software in traditional programming languages (C++, Java, etc..).
• Ability to clean, transform, and merge your own data in a procedural language like Python or R

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