Google-Director, Engineering, Corporate Engineering

Seattle, WA, USA; Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Minimum qualifications:

  • 15 years of experience in engineering or technical innovation and leading engineering teams.
  • Experience in enterprise software development and deployment.
  • Experience in full stack development.
  • Experience in building security and privacy products in an enterprise environment.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Technology experience in large scale distributed systems, analytics and visualization, and AI/Machine learning.
  • Experience running security analysis, intrusion detection, anomaly detection, and policy teams.
  • Domain experience in case management, workforce management, knowledge management, or Privacy and Security in enterprise products.

About the job

As the Director of Engineering on the Corporate Engineering team, you will build the next generation platform and facilitate excellent solutions for all Google and Alphabet employees’ interactions with corporate service teams. Supporting business processes in such diverse areas in a common platform requires the platform to be highly customizable in a very easy way, and automating business workflows and increasing the efficiency of both requesters and resolvers is a key goal of such a system.

The team that builds and operates the software platform and solutions has a huge impact on Google and every Googler’s productivity. In collaboration with other teams, you will bring solutions to Google’s contact centers where the interaction is between Google’s customers and Google for the needs of sales, support, and service.


  • Lead a team of Software Engineers to continue to build a new platform, associated tools to run operations, and the solutions in this space.
  • Ensure Software Engineering alignment with established best practices, thereby enabling our services to be easily testable by Test engineers, easily supported by Site Reliability Engineers, and easy to operate in the field.
  • Think strategically to scale software engineering as usage of Google products grows and usage of systems grow within Google.
  • Collaborate with other parts of Corporate Engineering to produce and support excellent solutions for a variety of Google’s business practices.
  • Evaluate third-party products and make build/buy decisions for some parts of the solution.