Paypal-Principal MTS, Software Engineer

San Jose, CA, United States

About the job:

You will be part of a newly formed area responsible for driving Payments convergence between various acquisitions and platforms. Over time, several versions of Unbranded & Branded Payments platforms, have grown separately from each other, resulting in a fragmented Payments ecosystem. The incumbent will drive Payments convergence to achieve world class Unified Payments platform. You will be working very closely with Commerce & Payments Group Platform Architect & Payments Architect. You will also be expected to evaluate adherence to Enterprise Architecture standards and bring modern coding methodologies and best practices to the Payments engineering teams.


The ideal candidate will have a deep technology background and strong platform thinking. You must be passionate about solving hard technical problems at scale and must have an ability to collaborate with many teams and stakeholders to move the big rocks forward. This role will partner at scale with stakeholders across the enterprise, lead hundreds of others through influence and provide guidance to execute tech platform consolidation, convergence and reengineering. Finally, the ideal candidate must have a proven record of leading efforts to solve large, complex problems while setting a compelling vision to gather support from all stakeholders, while navigating competing technical and product requirements and considering both immediate tactical needs and long-term success.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering/Computer Science or related field (or equivalent experience). 
  • Track record leading, developing, and delivering significant, complex software projects within complex organizations. 
  • Strong technical background, with: 
  • Expertise in designing large scale distributed systems. 
  • Expertise in Payments domain.
  • Demonstrable and in-depth experience with Java stack. Ruby on Rails very desirable.
  • Some experience with JavaScript and Node.js is highly desired.
  • Proficiency in managing cloud based large-scale infrastructure. 
  • Experience building solutions on the Cloud (ideally GCP and AWS). 
  • Experience designing and building systems with Docker containers and Kubernetes. 
  • Experience with Unix/Linux operating systems internals and administration. 
  • Established experience with monitoring/logging tools and best practices. 
  • Experience in software release lifecycle with modern distributed version control (e.g., git). 
  • Experience working in an Agile environment, including Extreme Programming practices like Iterative Development, Continuous Integration (and Deployment) and Test-Driven Development. 


  • Approach problems with humility, rigor, and decisiveness. 
  • Demonstrate a high emotional quotient and empathy, with ability to build trust and create psychological safety while tackling tough problems and navigating conflicts. 
  • Identify and solicit input from all stakeholders, balancing competing needs and distilling a coherent strategy. 
  • Lead by meeting people where they are at and building bridges to where you need them to go. 
  • Emphasize iterative progress, risk management, and delivering value. 
  • Leave the campsite cleaner and people stronger.