Google-Software Engineering Manager, Payment Risk Machine Learning/Quality

Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County, California, United States

Minimum qualifications:

  • 3 years of technical leadership and people management experience.
  • Experience programming in one of the following languages: Java, C++, Go, or Python.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Master’s or PhD degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science or similar field.
  • 10 years of relevant industry experience, with 5 years of hands-on technical leadership and people management experience (managing teams of 10 or more developers).
  • Experience applying Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence to solve large unstructured business challenges in the fraud investigations and risk management spaces.
  • Experience in Machine Learning and Big Data with effective application in the space of fraud/abuse mitigation.

About the job

Like Google’s own ambitions, the work of a Software Engineer (SWE) goes way beyond just Search. SWE Managers have not only the technical expertise to take on and provide technical leadership to major projects, but also manage a team of engineers. You not only optimize your own code but make sure engineers are able to optimize theirs. As a SWE Manager you manage your project goals, contribute to product strategy and help develop your team. SWE teams work all across the company, in areas such as information retrieval, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking, security, data compression, user interface design; the list goes on and is growing every day. Operating with scale and speed, our exceptional software engineers are just getting started — and as a manager, you guide the way.

With technical and leadership expertise, you manage engineers across multiple teams and locations, a large product budget and oversee the deployment of large-scale projects across multiple sites internationally.

Users come first at Google. Nowhere is this more important than on our Advertising and Commerce team: we believe that ads and commercial information can be highly useful to our users if that information is relevant to what our users wish to find or do. Advertisers worldwide use Google Ads to promote their products; publishers use AdSense to serve relevant ads on their website; and business around the world use our products (like Google Shopping, and Google Wallet) to support their online businesses and bring users into their offline stores. We are constantly innovating to deliver the most effective advertising and commerce opportunities of tomorrow.


  • Inspire and lead a team in delivering step reduction in losses, complexity, and step increase in speed at which we can catch and nip fraud; areas of research include: ground truth creation (with imbalanced/delayed labels), vulnerability testing, model explainability, cluster based signals, feature engineering, layered defense, credit modeling, and more.
  • Internalize fraud/abuse patterns across diverse businesses. 
  • Come up with novel solutions leveraging advances in Machine Learning, rich data stats, and fraud analyses.
  • Internalize needs across diverse businesses and propose general solutions shared across domains.
  • Create a 10x vision for Machine Learning-driven risk management.