Tencent – TiMi US – Senior/Principal Software Engineer (Player Gameplay)

Los Angeles, CA / Seattle, WA, United States

Award-winning TiMi Studios seeks a talented Senior/Principal Software Engineer who can help us build the next blockbuster game for gaming communities around the world.

This new, unnamed team within TiMi is looking for a confident talent who wants to make fun games to be played and enjoyed for years to come. The team is passionate about players and listening to their feedback to create new, compelling experiences. Are you a Senior/Principal Software Engineer who is engaged with players, understands what keeps them engaged and cares deeply about gaming as a medium? Are you ready to channel your passion and energy into creating long-lasting fun games for global audiences? Then, come join us on our ambitious endeavor to create extraordinary games.


  • Define architecture networked player movement and interactions
  • Create player controls and input that are easy to tune and fun for the player
  • Build core gameplay systems such as weapon functionality, vehicle tuning, and player abilities
  • You will be working on both client and server architecture, owning parts but willing to contribute to all aspects of the game
  • Develop a set of good practices and guidelines for designers
  • Write clear, maintainable, portable code that adheres to a well-documented coding standard
  • Lead by example: demonstrate a willingness to give and receive feedback, collaborate with others to share techniques and ideas, and contribute to a positive working environment


  • Experience optimizing a game network layer with code and by adjusting features to better fit networking limitations
  • Knowledgeable about replication strategies and techniques
  • Knowledgeable about client side prediction, accurate hit registration and strategies to mitigate poor latency and network conditions in multiplayer games
  • Proficiency with C, C++
  • Excellent debugging and optimizing skills
  • Ability to quickly prototype and iterate in collaboration with others.
  • Self-directed, taking initiative to drive progress.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience developing and sustaining live games and services
  • Experience developing for console and mobile platforms

What is in it for you?

  • Create blockbuster games with ample resources and support: Bring incredible game ideas to players around the world with the support of one of the most successful studios in the world. TiMi has developed some of the most popular games in the world and is looking for talented individuals to join it in making another major hit.
  • Develop for global audiences and make an impression on the entire industry: Join TiMi in making games for players across the world as part of an ambitious, talented team.
  • Support passionate communities at a global scale: Join a team that cares about players and wants to reward their passion through openness, risk-taking and novel game design. Help create the next great community of players that connect across borders, backgrounds and cultures.