Network Reliability Engineer Lead 2405

San Jose, US-United States
Posted 9 months ago
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Team Introduction

The IT network team is responsible for the global enterprise network of our client, including network design and standards, network project and service delivery, network automation and product development.


1. Responsible for enterprise network design, solutions, standards, and project delivery of AMS, EMEA, and APAC regions, including wired and wireless campus networks, related wide area networks, and PoP networks, etc.
2. Lead network reliability engineers to continuously increase the overall network availability, reliability, and performance, and ensure that the network capacity and quality will meet the business growth needs.
3. Manage network projects to ensure successful delivery, improve process efficiency, and meet relevant metrics.
4. Innovate and improve network design and solutions per business requirements.
5. Manage the team across multiple regions, set team goals, and be responsible for the results and performance.


– Bachelor’s degree or above in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field.
– At least 5 years of experience in network management, network design and architecture, implementing large campus networks, SDN, SDWAN, SRMPLS, and DC networking solutions, preferably in the technology and Internet business industry with cross-region collaboration backgrounds.
– At least 3 years of team management experience with strong communication and collaboration skills, and the ability to manage team members remotely across cultures.
– Expertise in multiple networking technologies, including wired and wireless networking, SR MPLS/SRv6, SDN, SDWAN, IPv6, NLB, and multiple network analysis approaches, etc.
– Strong skills in managing and delivering network projects, improving processes, and metrics.
– Experienced in continuous optimization of network performance, relevant metrics, standards, and designs, etc.
– Network automation background is preferred, as well as programming skills based on Go, Python, C++.

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Job Features

Job CategorySystems & Networking
SeniorityManager / Senior Manager
Base Salary$210,000 - $358,000

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