IT System Solution Engineer 2633

San Jose, US-United States
Posted 7 months ago
About The Company

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About the Team

Our team is responsible for building and managing the global IT infrastructure, foundational components, and functional platforms of the enterprise. We develop tools and formulate strategies related to enterprise end-user devices. Additionally, we handle the management and operation of enterprise applications under the purview of IT

As an IT Solutions Engineer, you will work as the main POC of the IT Systems team, collaborating with the regional IT team to complete daily tasks and respond to IT demands from internal and external sources, providing efficient solutions. You need to be proficient in MDM technology and VMware hyper-converged technology, as well as have a certain understanding of relevant components in the enterprise office network, such as SSO, IDP, LDAP, etc.


– Familiarize yourself with MDM technology, manage the endpoint management platform, and ensure the security and compliance of endpoint device’s baseline management.
– Have in-depth knowledge of VMware hyper-converged technology, build and optimize hyper-converged technology platforms, including components like vSphere virtualization, vSAN storage, and NSX network virtualization.
– Research and understand relevant components in the enterprise office environment, such as SSO (single sign-on), IDP (identity provider), LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol), and integrate and configure these components with the IT team.
– Carry out programming work, develop automation scripts and tools to simplify daily tasks, improve work efficiency, and reduce manual operations.
– Collaborate with the regional IT team, respond to internal and external IT demands, and provide efficient solutions.
– Provide technical support, address technical issues from internal and external sources, and train users on correctly using components and features in the solution.Qualifications:
– Proficient in MDM technology, with experience in configuring and managing related products such as MobileIron, AirWatch, etc.
– Have in-depth knowledge of VMware hyper-converged technology, including configuring and optimizing components such as vSphere, vSAN, and NSX.
– Have a certain understanding of relevant components in the enterprise office network (such as SSO, IDP, LDAP), and be able to integrate and configure with the local IT team.
– Have good programming skills, familiar with at least one programming language (such as Python, GO), and able to develop and maintain application code.
– Have good communication skills and teamwork spirit, able to collaborate with people from different backgrounds, and effectively communicate technical requirements and solutions.
– Have a self-driven and continuous learning spirit, able to keep up with technological developments and provide innovative solutions.

Job Features

Job CategoryIT
SenioritySenior IC / Tech Lead
Base Salary$130,844 - $230,533

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