HPC System Engineer 2937

San Jose, US-United States
Posted 3 months ago
What you will do

– Responsible for the development and optimization of onboard server systems within autonomous driving vehicles, focusing on ARM and X86 architecture.
– Lead the analysis and resolution of system failures, identifying critical paths and implementing RAS design principles to enhance system reliability.
– Design and oversee the data processing workflows for various autonomous driving sensors like cameras, LiDAR, radar, and GNSS, ensuring optimal system performance.
– Collaborate with functional safety engineers to develop and validate functional safety hardware, adhering to industry standards and practices.
– Manage high-speed signal interface performance, including PCI Express, GMSL, Ethernet, ensuring high performance and reliability.
– Develop and innovate solutions on company’s ADAS computing platforms, aligning with project goals and requirements.
– Engage in collaborative problem-solving with cross-functional teams, contributing to team efforts and project success.
– Stay updated with industry trends and advancements in autonomous driving technology to drive continuous improvement and innovation.


– Deep understanding of X86, ARM architectures and proficient in GPU functionality and optimization. Experience in ARM server development is required.
– Deep knowledge of server hypervisors and virtual machines, with a focus on optimizing infrastructure, hardware, and software resource utilization, enhancing system performance, and ensuring high reliability and uptime.
– Ability to identify system single/multiple points of failure and critical paths, improving system stability through Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) design.
– Proficient in data processing paths of sensors like cameras, LiDAR, radar, GNSS in the autonomous driving field, responsible for defining system performance, designing data/process flows, and validating optimal system solutions through experiments.
– Experienced in functional safety hardware development, understanding system safety mechanisms, and capable of defining, implementing, and validating functional safety designs of computing platforms in collaboration with functional safety engineers.
– In-depth knowledge of high-speed signal interfaces such as PCI Express, GMSL, Ethernet, etc.
– Perfer to have relevant development experience in developing Nvidia Drive/Jetson, Qualcomm or similar platforms.
– Strong knowledge of at least one key technology for autonomous driving, e.g., Perception, Motion Planning, Localization, Software Engineering, etc.

Job Features

Job CategoryEmbedded Systems
SeniorityStaff IC / Tech Lead
Base Salary$144,000 - $240,975

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