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London, UK-United Kingdom
Posted 2 weeks ago
About The Company

This company pioneers short-form video creation and social engagement, boasting a vast, engaged user base. Its platform empowers users with creative tools, filters, and effects. With a diverse content ecosystem, it’s a hub of creativity and expression. The proprietary algorithm ensures personalized content feeds, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. This company wields significant influence on digital media, making it an invaluable partner for innovative collaborations and marketing endeavors.


– Strategic Communication Development: Forge comprehensive communication strategies that bolster E-Commerce’s business objectives. Ensure all messaging, both external and internal, is unified, strategically aligned, and effectively conveys our core values and goals;
– Market Insight and Adaptation: Conduct ongoing analyses of market trends and the media environment to unearth opportunities and navigate challenges. Leverage these insights to refine communication strategies, ensuring our business maintains its agility and responsiveness to market shifts, thus preserving our competitive advantage;
– Content Management and Development: Spearhead the creation and curation of compelling, strategic content across diverse platforms, ensuring it resonates with our brand’s voice and strategic ambitions. Prioritize content that supports our business units by clearly articulating our values, innovations, and initiatives;
– Media Inquiry Support: Collaborate with internal stakeholders to address media inquiries, ensuring a coordinated and accurate representation of E-Commerce’s offerings and strategic direction. This role involves close partnership with business teams to align media communications with our product and service portfolio;

Minimum Qualifications

– Professional Experience: A proven track record of developing and implementing effective communication strategies that align with business objectives and enhance brand reputation
– Strategic Acumen: Demonstrated ability to conceive and execute comprehensive communication strategies that support business growth and brand positioning. Experience in integrating market insights and media trends to adapt and refine communication approaches
– Content Expertise: Extensive experience in leading content development and management across a variety of platforms. Ability to craft compelling narratives that resonate with target audiences, reflect the brand’s voice, and support business units by effectively communicating the company’s values, innovations, and initiatives
– Media Relations: Proven competency in managing media inquiries and collaborating with internal stakeholders to ensure cohesive and accurate brand representation. Experience of working closely with business teams to align media communications with the company’s strategic direction
– Training and Leadership: Experience in developing and delivering communication training programs for executives and employees, with a focus on enhancing skills in media interaction, public speaking, and digital communication. Demonstrated leadership in risk management, with the ability to identify and mitigate potential communication challenges to safeguard the brand’s reputation

Job Features

Job CategoryGovernment Relations
SeniorityPrinciple IC
Base Salary$100,000 - $100,001

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